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Satavic Farms

Satavic Farms began working and experimenting with natural Holi colours in 2008. The next Holi, we distributed our natural, toxic-free Holi colours free of cost, for trialling. Since 2010, our colours have been sold through schools and other institutions, shops, apartment complexes, retailers, corporates, etc.

In our own small way, we have touched the lives of thousands of children and their families, besides doing our bit for the environment by the colours and their biodegradable, plastic-free packaging.

We make our colours using herbs, turmeric, agricultural produce, food crops, fruit and vegetable extracts, etc. Our colours are totally safe, 100% non-toxic and chemical-free. They have been laboratory tested for heavy metals and also for added artificial dyes. In fact, since most of the ingredients we use are beneficial, playing Holi with our colours can actually be a healthy experience!

Availability of 100% natural holi colours

The colours available for Holi 2024 are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink. Due to crop failures and unseasonal rains in our project areas, we have limited quantities of Orange and Pink this year.

All colours are suitable for dry and wet use. Purple is also available for bulk and customised orders.

Our colours are very reasonably priced as follows :

150 gm box 50 gms each of Blue, Green, Yellow Rs.180.00
200 gm box 50 gms each of Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange Rs.300.00
300 gm box 100 gms each of Blue, Green, Yellow Rs.540.00
1 kg pouch 1 kg of a single colour in foil pouch Rs.495.00*
5 kg pack 5 kg of a single colour in plastic bags Rs.2,100.00*
50 / 100 gm Single colour paper pouches Rs.36 / 54*

* Single colour Orange – 10% extra, Pink – 25% extra


Please take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate a safe and healthy Holi. Bulk orders should be placed by March 7th 2024 for assured delivery.

All our packaging is with paper and board only other than for 1 kg & 5 kg units  where we have to use foil pouches and plastic bags.

Unbranded single colour packets of 50 gm & 100 gm can be supplied to marketers / retailers.

Available also in bulk and corporate gift packs.

  • No talc used
  • No artificial colours
  • No chemicals
  • Non-toxic
  • Laboratory tested
  • Skin friendly
  • Absolutely safe!
  • Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging
  • Distributed through schools and institutions since 2010