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Biodynamics is essentially a science of life forces and a recognition of the role of nature and “higher forces” in agriculture. It was conceived by Rudolf Steiner in Germany in the 1920s, part of his work and thinking called anthroposophy today.

In Biodynamics, the earth is considered a living being in a living universe, part of a spiritual-physical matrix. All substances are carriers of life-creating forces and interact with celestial rhythms which directly affect life. All living beings therefore are manifestations of celestial rhythms. A farm is considered a living, dynamic and spiritual entity with its own rhythms and life forces.

Biodynamics is a vast subject and a farm can be managed entirely on its principles and practices. It has two basic components – farming operations on the basis of an astronomical calendar, and the use of some very special preparations, numbered 500-508 which are used as sprays and in the compost heap. Biodynamics addresses soil and plant health, pest control, composting, the relationship of the soil and the plant, food quality, animal husbandry and animal welfare measures. It recognises that there is an abstract but intrinsic quality of food (vitality) that cannot be measured by a scientist calculating nutrient percentages in a laboratory.

Biodynamics is today perhaps the largest “specialised” organic farming system in the world. Farms certified biodynamic can market their produce under the “Demeter” symbol which is recognised by the BD community worldwide – consumers, buyers, traders and farmers.

We offer training and consultancy services in biodynamics (including making BD 500, BD 501, CPP and various types of liquid manures). To know more, please read the sections on consultancy and training and specialised areas of consultancy and training.