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We are interested in helping anyone, anywhere in India turn organic and remain so – large farms, small farms, individual farmers, farmhouses, private rural retreats, homesteads, home gardens, factory gardens, resorts, group farms, composting and waste management units, farmer cooperatives, NGOs – in short, anyone who wishes to be part of the organic farming movement. Not all our clients grow food for commercial purposes – we are also advising many private farmhouses and private gardens. While we do need to charge for our services, our outlook, methodology and approach are VERY different from that of any commercial consultant.

Some of our clients are provided consultancy / advice / training in specific areas, others require our services on a turnkey basis. Farms wishing to make their own inputs are offered practical and technical know-how with a hands-on training programme. We also help in setting up organic farms and farmhouses from scratch if land is available. To know more about our organic input production training programmes, please click here.

The specialised areas we practice and train in include biodynamics, effective microorganisms, homa farming, panchakavya, integrated farming systems, low-cost vermicomposting, improved composting methods, composting of coir pith, on-farm production of biopesticides, biofertilisers and liquid manures, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), planning on basic permaculture principles, on-farm low-cost processing and humane animal husbandry (only milk and eggs; no culling or slaughter). Where we manage and/or advise farms, homesteads, farmhouses and compost units on a holistic basis, long-term planning like soil and water conservation measures, crop planning, live fencing, etc. are also undertaken. To see a full list of our specialised areas of work, please click here.

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The training courses we organise are short, practical, intensive and usually conducted on-farm. There are separate modules for farm labourers and managers. These courses are designed to be a practical starting point to enable a farm to be self-sufficient in all respects including technical inputs (i.e. consultancy) within six months to two years. We have a specific training programme for farms which would like to be self-sufficient in their requirement of organic farming inputs.

To see a full list of our areas of training, please click here. If you would like us to conduct a training programme on your farm / in your area, please call us or write to