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A majority of today’s crop species originated in eight regions considered global regions of biodiversity. These regions and some of the crops that originated there are listed here. This list is very partial – practically every cereal, fruit, vegetable, spice, condiment, oilseed, tuber, natural dye, fibre crop, forage crop, timber tree, industrial crop, medicinal crop, aromatic crop and beverage crop is native to one or more of these regions. It is interesting to note that most of these regions fall in today’s Third World – obviously, the business of prospering from diversity, genetic resources and natural resources has affected these regions negatively in the past centuries just as it is doing now.


Region Native crops
Mexico and Central America Cocoa, common bean, corn/maize, cotton, lima bean, tepary bean, tobacco, tomato
Andes Corn/maize, common bean, potato, peanut, tomato
Asia Minor and Mediterranean Alfalfa, barley, cabbage, carrot, garlic, grape, lentil, oats, onion, pea, pear, rye, wheat
Ethiopia Banana, barley, coffee, cowpea, onion, pea, wheat
Central Asia Apple, apricot, barley, carrot, cotton, grape, lentil, onion, pea, pear, wheat
India Cotton, cucumber, chickpea, lemon, orange, pigeon pea, rice, sorghum, soyabean, sugarcane, various grams
Southeast Asia Banana, coconut, orange, rice, sugarcane
China Apricot, orange, rice, sugarcane, soyabean, tea