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Satavic Farms has been developed by Satavic Farms. The aims of our organisation are to popularise organic farming in India, generate awareness amongst city folk and help develop a market for organic foods within the country.

Towards these ends, we offer the following services :

  1. Advising, training and offering consultancy on organic farming to both intending organic farmers as well as existing organic farms. We provide our advisory services to a wide range of clients including corporate farms, individual farmers, farmer groups, cooperatives and NGOs. We also assist farmhouses, private rural retreats, homesteads, home gardens, factory gardens, resorts, composting units and waste management units.
  2. Organic food : We established a separate organic food division in early 2006. The division procures organic food mainly from our own network of growers, ensuring a ready market and fair prices for them, and a wide variety and reasonable prices for our buyers. For more information, please check our organic food pages. You can also write to for more information.

Among our plans for the near future is :

  1. A small, environment-friendly and sustainable group of homes. Will use low-cost, environment-friendly building materials, and provide sensible solutions in energy, water, waste management, food, gardens and lifestyle. Only for those who believe in leaving behind a small ecological footprint. More details are on our ‘Sustainable Homes’ page. Please write to if you are interested.
  2. A demonstration farm and permanent training centre located in any part of India, possibly at the same location as the environment-friendly homes project mentioned above.
  3. Publishing a series of handy titles on organic farming.

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