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Organic food does not ‘cost the earth’ to grow. It should not also cost consumers ‘the earth’ to eat. At the same time however, assuming that the ruling market prices for conventionally-grown food (read chemically-grown food) are fair, it is only correct that an organic farmer should receive at least a marginally higher price for his produce and his efforts, especially when consumers are aware that organic food is better than chemically-grown food in all respects, including taste, flavour and for their own health, besides that of the earth.

Another aspect of the organic food ‘issue’ at least in India is a common problem faced by organic farmers : the lack of a ready market and often unremunerative prices for their produce. In many cases, the grower does not receive timely payments from middlemen including organic food traders. Interested buyers of organic food on the other hand, cannot find what they need, at least not at reasonable prices. Supplies are often erratic or unreliable and in some cases buyers are not even sure if the food they are buying is indeed organic.

Taking all the above into account, Satavic Farms started a separate division within the organisation in early 2006 to supply organic food and food products in India. This division is an attempt to link growers and processors with buyers to ensure a fair price for growers and easier availability of a wide variety of organic food at reasonable prices for buyers. For more information on this division, please click the following links :

Buying organic food

Selling organic food

Below are some links to other pages on this website which tell you more about organic food, the need to be organic (not just for the good of your own health, you also support the environment, farmers and farming communities when you consume organic food), and the effects of chemicals used in agriculture.