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Here is a list of some common pesticides that affect humans, animals and the environment in adverse ways. They can be found in practically every food source today. To know about the usual contaminants in the food you eat, click here.

Trade name Long-term effects
Camphechlor Cancer suspect, toxic to fish, very persistent
Chlordane/Heptachlor Leukemia suspect, toxic to wildlife, very persistent
Chlordimeform Cancer suspect, bladder damage, toxic to wildlife
DBCP Cancer risk, male sterility, persists in water
DDT Cancer causing, damage to liver, nerve, brain, extremely persistent, toxic
to wildlife
Aldrin/Dieldrin/Endrin Cancer suspect, birth defects, very persistent, toxic to wildlife
EDB Potent cancer cause, birth defects, lung, liver damage, very persistent
BHC/Lindane Proven cancer cause, miscarriage, leukemia suspect, very persistent, toxic
to fish
Paraquat No antidote, lung scarring
Endosulfan Nervous system damage
PCP Nervous system damage, liver damage, skin disease
2,4,5-T Potent cancer cause, birth defects, toxic to fish, very persistent


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