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Satavic Farms

Satavic Farms’ organic food division, established in early 2006, sources a wide range of fresh and processed organic food and food products from across the Indian sub-continent. If you are a grower or processor of organic food in India or outside and would like to supply your produce / products, please write to or call +91-9163191975.

Please note that we do not work with meat, eggs and their products. Milk products are also subject to certain verifications. We are sourcing only certified organic food from growers and processors outside our network.  In specific cases, we also procure ethically-certified organic food, subject to the credentials of individual organisations.

We are not procuring uncertified organic food from farmers outside our own network. If you fall in this category and would still like to supply to us, you would either have to apply for organic certification or tie-up with an NGO or similar organisation. We can guide you further on hearing from you.