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Satavic Farms

As the term suggests, a multipurpose tree species (MPTS) is one which provides multiple benefits and serves multiple purposes on the farm. It makes a lot of sense to grow MPTS on farm bunds, along the boundaries and in less fertile or problem areas of the farm. Trees should be an integral part of every farming system and an integrated and mixed farm cannot be complete without trees.

Trees offer a wide range of benefits including erosion control, fodder and cattle feed, food, fuel wood, green manure, manure (oil cakes), honey, timber, pulp, tannin, gum, dyes, medicines, pesticides, posts & poles, shade and shelter, and help in soil improvement (including nitrogen-fixation). A sensible choice of such trees will give a host of such benefits and some revenue as well.

We offer consultancy services on tree farming and agroforestry and integration of trees into a farming system. Another area of our expertise is wasteland development. To know more, please read the sections on consultancy and training and specialised areas of consultancy and training.